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    GWS provides environmental and waste-to-energy solutions to communities through sustainable strategies and project management.

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  • Waste is virtually an UNLIMITED resource

    Greenway has identified landfills as a potential and constant source of energy that can power communities while helping them rid of human-generated trash.

Sustainable Project Development

We Create Sustainable Waste-to-Energy Solutions for Your Community

Greenway World Solutions is a renewable energy and waste management consulting company specializing in the development of waste-to-energy (W2E) solutions for communities around the globe.

Our W2E solutions are easily implemented into private or municipal facilities to convert waste into energy—a sustainable solution for the ever-growing burden generated by homes and businesses.

Human-generated waste—biomass, food, plastics, and paper materials—is one of the heaviest burdens placed on cities and towns across the globe, which has become the source of controversial practices such as the use of incinerators and landfills.

About Us

Learn more about Greenway World Solutions and the good work we do to help communities like yours.

Sustainable Development Solutions


Our consulting services help you identify the sustainability potential and challenges in your projects.

Renewable Energy

Converting municipal solid waste into energy can effectively manage a constant supply of biofuel.

New Technologies

We can help you integrate the latest technologies and processes to achieve community-level sustainability.

Expert Support

Our team of environmental and sustainability experts is ready to collaborate and achieve your goals.


Our environmental assessment evaluates elements of your infrastructure and their compatibility with our solutions.


Our extended network of environmentally-friendly lenders can support the development of your projects.

You can’t deny the problem…
But Greenway can help.

Trash landfills are the 800-pound gorilla that no one wants to deal with.

However, when the time comes to deal with it most people don’t know who to call or how to assess the potential such trash has in waste to energy generation. In some cases, trash ends up in places that can become a health and environmental challenge because of bad decisions made by a few.

But help is available to help you turn around a bad situation and do good that will create opportunity to power your community at every level. And that’s where Greenway World Solutions excels at helping communities, towns and cities develop an effective plan for processing, recycling and converting municipal solid waste into power for their homes and businesses.

While your community may not yet be an immediate candidate to work with Greenway World Solutions, we can help guide your path to becoming a more sustainable community. Contact us to begin building a foundation on which we can develop waste to energy or other environmental programs.

Start a Conversation with Greenway

We actively talk to representatives from cities, towns and villages from many locations around the world. Some of you have the authority to make decisions while others work in organizations or governments that could benefit from our sustainable solutions. Start a conversation today and let’s explore together the paths that lead to real, measurable sustainability.