About Greenway World Solutions

Greenway World Solutions was founded on the basic human principle of being kind to each other—and to be kind to each other we must be mindful of how we live our lives and manage our waste.

Spearheaded by the leadership of Cristiano Pinto—a visionary who has set forth to make a difference in the world, one community at a time—Greenway has a goal to be an industrious player in the W2E industry.

We are more than just a company—Greenway is a movement to create opportunity out of one or the world’s biggest challenges: an unlimited supply of waste in our communities.

Transforming Communities

The company is based in Orlando, Florida, and has assembled a powerful team in Latin America with the knowledge and experience to manage the challenge of waste and turn it into the opportunity of energy and recyclable materials.

Using innovative technology to carbonize waste and generate energy to power homes and businesses, Greenway can help you systematically reduce an existing landfill while managing the constant inflow of new waste daily.

Reducing landfills is not simply a goal for Greenway, as the company’s multicultural team is looking to go beyond sustainable waste management, mitigating GHG, and shift the way communities think and deal with waste.

Get Ready to Make a Change

By presenting them a turnkey solution to process the waste generating energy, and improving the amount and quality of the recycle waste with commercial and industrial value, Greenway’s W2E system can become a revenue center—as opposed to incurring the cost of doing nothing but dump waste on a landfill.

Whether you are a private facility that generates waste from business operations or a city that needs to find ways to deal with its Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Greenway can help you manage your waste in a sustainable way.

Creating opportunity out of a challenge is just the beginning. Contact Greenway today to learn how your community can benefit from our W2E solutions.