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Greenway World Solutions is at the forefront of sustainable waste management, introducing to communities around the world the opportunity for a more viable and profitable way to handle the growing burden of municipal solid waste (MSW).

Since the beginning of civilization, communities have had to deal with the daily production of waste as a result of their consumption of food and other resources. A single town can produce several tons of waste in a single day, all of which keeps on adding up.

The industrial revolution has increased the amount of waste generated with the use of paper, plastics and metals—causing an even heavier burden that found a solution in the creation of municipal landfills.

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Today, cities and towns around the globe use these unsightly dump sites to “deal” with the constant waste stream—that is until sustainable waste management was introduced as a better way to deal with MSW.

We invite you to explore Greenway’s technologies and how they compare to other less-viable alternatives in the market. Contact us today to learn more about how Greenway World Solutions can help convert your waste into energy using the latest waste-to-energy technologies.